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Sorry to hear the 'Princess' is sick. Feel better soon!


I hope it wasn't me - because I'm home sick today from work too. Whatever it was - it got the both of us! Bummer! Hope she is back to full health soon - however I don't think a blue bath will help me :(

MiMi and PopPop

What makes the water blue? Maybe try red water tomorrow. Keep healthy.

Christina Sallustio

Hope she's feeling better soon, and that you stay healthy. What's a blue tab?


Hope we are feeling better today. Weather in Nashville is gloomy. Hope you have sunshine!


I'm so sorry that Ansley has been sick. I hope she is feeling better now and that you didn't catch her cold. You are a creative mom to find something out of the ordinary to make your sick little girl feel better. I like the "Daddy's home" picture - it's almost time for Daddy to be home for the weekend. :)

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