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I can fully appreciate this entry on your blog! :) I love it! Way to go Ansley! I know someday we'll get there too. Paige will still only poopie in her pull-up, which she puts on herself when she needs to go #2. You'd think it'd be easy to transfer that concept to the potty, especially when she's completely trained for #1, but oh how it's not and why I completely understand what a big day it is for ya'll :) Happy day indeed! And wow, just 9 weeks left!? We definitely need more belly shots then momma!!


Good day indeed!


I just got off the phone with you, but I'm posting nonetheless. What a fun day! Can't wait to see you.

MiMi and PopPop

MiMi and PopPop are so pleased, proud, and happy!!! I knew she would look so lovely in that pink dress. Is the purple one next? I haven't heard news like that in a long, long time (well maybe 7 months ago!!!) Hope Friday is a great day too. PS I have made Christian 2 little hats now. Hope they fit.

Christina Sallustio

Christian????? Is the cat out of the bag? I guess I missed the naming!!! If, in fact, that's his name - what a great choice :)


Did I miss something too?? Was that an 'oops', or have you already mentioned that somewhere else and I also missed it? Either way, I love it! :)

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