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Very cute! :) We too also had a wonderful mommy/daughter morning together- going to the park and out to lunch- a little mini 'date' together and it was so great. We hadn't done that in forever it seems! I SO agree with you- I love having my little girl and companion now to do things like that with. It's so fun when they become little persons! :) (side note: I LOVE Panera!) Finally, Paige's latest favorite thing is the moon also, and I think she was looking at that more last night than anything else! Can't wait to see pic's of the nursery- hint hint hint!!! :))


I just saw your Nov. photo a day, and forgot Ansley was a ladybug last year! Great minds think alike hey?! :) I love your comment about all that's changed in a year- so I guess that means I shouldn't be banking on picking out Paige's costume for next year??! :)) Too funny!


Yes, they are much more fun when they become little people... until they are teenagers and then you wish for that sweet little baby again! LOL!


Loved the conversation and would've loved to join you for donuts. Missed seeing you on my blog :) Love y'all...wanna come to bunco tomorrow?

MiMi and PopPop

It's hard to believe she hasn't had any candy. Hasn't she even asked for some? But I'm fine with no candy. She may have a few pieces here, though. We are looking forward to tomorrow and hope you and John have a great weekend--productive, like lots of work done!!! PopPop and I are really looking forward to it also but not anticipating that we get a lot accomplished except playing and loving our favorite little girl!!!


Hi Megan. I'm back online after our move. We are slowly unpacking and settling in. Hannah asked, "Is this our new house?" every so often until last night out of the blue she said, "I like this house!" :) I smiled to see Ansley painting in her pjs at lunch time today! And I am so glad that she didn't cry at the moms group nursery. Oh, and I really like the portrait of you and Ansley and "Baby." Enjoy your time with John this weekend and have fun getting baby's room ready.

Ashley Jansen



Love the picture of you, Ansley and Baby Boy, it is beautiful and touching.

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