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hmmmm, that sounds easy enough even I could attempt those, or should I say Paige! :) Thanks for the great idea. I think we'll have to try that this weekend! She would love that! She's big into helping daddy cook- as he is the cook in our house! :) Speaking of advent calendars, any ideas where I could find a resusable one?? I've been searching everywhere! It's a bit late now, but better late than never, right? Paige has been busy creating lots of crafts at her school, and it's like Christmas each day she comes home with a new creation. She made her first ornament today! I'm not surprised you do such great crafts with Ansley, as you are so creative. Me on the other hand, well good thing Paige is in school with creative teachers to help with that! :)


I'm thinking p-nut M&Ms would be really good with your snack! Sooo, why don't you try a project for Christmas that uses alot of GLITTER! Just kidding. I love all the art work.


My daughter is 17 so we don't do a lot of crafts any more but, a couple years ago we got one of those big dollhouse kits from Hobby Lobby and started assembling it. We got the house put together and painted and then we sort of fizzled out. We cleaned out the closet this past week and found all the stuff so we've decided we're going to finish it over Christmas break (say a prayer for us - it's A LOT of work).

Anyway, when she was younger, I got Family Fun magazine. It has some great articles but the reason I loved it was for all the craft ideas. Really creative stuff. You should check it out (or you may already be familiar with it).


Oh, I just rememberd a craft for Christmas time that we did for several years when my daughter was young that Ansley might enjoy - gingerbread houses made out of milk cartons. You take a small milk carton and use white cake frosting and you can thicken it up with a little flour if need be. Spread the frosting all over the carton and then you use graham crackers instead of ginger bread and cover the whole carton. Decorate with other candies. We had one of these as our table centerpiece for Christmas for about 5 years in a row!


What an easy, yummy treat! And I like her fluffy snowman which reminded me that in the past, we have painted a snowman and snowflakes on dark paper using a q-tip or a cotton ball to dab the paint. Sarah and Hannah both liked that. Last night at the library story hour we made a gooey snowman treat using melted white almond bark for the "glue" - dip three big marshmallows in the "glue" and poke them through on a coffee stirrer type stick for the body. Set it down with "glue" on an iced oatmeal cookie for the base. Then a spoon "glue" on a chocolate covered marshmallow cookie for the hat. Pretzel sticks for arms and use another coffee stirrer stick to "glue" on mini candies for the eyes, nose, buttons, etc. They gave us chocolate chips and little round colored candies that looked the size of red hots. The girls really enjoyed making them and eating them. It may not be worth buying all the different ingredients for just one or two snowmen but maybe you could do it when you had a group of friends to share in the fun. Happy snow day!

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