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I'm going to go with 8lbs 8ounces -because although he'll come earlier than what Ansley did- typically they say boys as well as your second is bigger. I'm torn on the time because I don't know how long it was with Ansley, and there again they say the second usually goes quicker. I'm going to go with what they say is average- being a centimeter per hour- and if you're already 2cent., and being induced at 7am, well that would bring you to about 5pm. So the 'official' time I'll go with is 5:15pm. We'll stick with the lucky number 15 on that one :) Good luck!

Jonathan and Missy

Our guess is 8lbs 7ounces. He will be born at 1:07pm. We'll talk to you soon.

Christina Sallustio

well... having just gone through it all myself, I will wish you the best of luck. I bet you'll have him before 2:00 p.m, and that he'll be about 8 lbs, 7 ounces and 21 inches. You'll be thought of this monday for sure. Enjoy the experience :)


So the big day is tomorrow!! WOW! Pray it goes all smoothly! (As smooth as labor can be!) My guess is 4:30pm and he will be 8lbs. 2 oz and will be 21 inches.


Wow, Christian is almost here--yippee! I'll guess 1:45 pm and 20 5/8 in and 9lb 2oz. Happy Birthday! Gosh, I just love those first few seconds of holding a baby and wish you a labor of ease and peace.


Baby pics and such..... please!

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