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Ashley Lee

Wow! How exciting! We will be remembering you all in our prayers. I went for a doctor's appointment this morning and my cervix is just starting to soften, no dilating. It will be interesting to see if my baby boy waits until his February 8 due date. Part of me hope that he does because we are not ready for him around our house. The other part of me is so ready because I am really uncomfortable now and feeling really, really big! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Christian. We pray for a smooth delivery for the both of you.


Megan, that's wonderful news that your body is starting to get ready for your delivery. I'm also glad for you that the proud grandparents will be able to help you for your first newborn weeks. I am so happy for you, John, and Ansley that you will meet Christian in just a few days. :) Enjoy this weekend with Ansley and know that God has given you a special relationship with her as your oldest and your daughter and although day to day will change with adding Christian to your family, that God will still give you many opportunities to have times to treasure with just Ansley as she grows up. And watching Ansley and Christian grow to love each other will be incredible!. . . I will be praying for you on Monday!


Wow- I just realized that the 15th would be this coming Monday, as in a couple days from now! Wow! When I first read that I was thinking, oh, not till the 15th. Duh! I guess Jan. really does fly by! Crazy! Well, I'm sending lots of prayers and well wishes your way, and will pray everything goes great for all of you! I can't wait to read and SEE all about baby Christian! Good luck mommy! We'll be thinking of ya- SO excited for you!

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