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These pictures are so sweet. I can't wait to have this going on in my home too. Congratulations! Both of your children are so precious.

Christina Sallustio

congratulations again! He is such a cutie!!

Hope these first few days are going smooth. FYI it seems to take about 3 weeks for your "big" baby girl to look like her old self again - at least that's how long it's taking me. Alex is finally past looking like this huge kid, and back to looking like my almost-three year old boy :)

Sorry to hear about your low blood pressure - that happened to me too - strange isn't it??? I think mine was about the same - like 70 over 30 something -- almost felt like I was asleep while awake -- hope you recovered from it okay, and the jaundice is going away on it's own. Can't wait to hear more!


So excited for you guys. You should be receiving something in the mail soon - so be on the lookout! Y'all are truly blessed with your precious family! Where did you get that brag book? I know my mom would love to give something like that to my cousin's daughter who is now a big sister as well. Keep us updated when you can - glad you have lots of help!! And good for you for relaxing!!


Wow- he's beautiful! I love the pic's of him and Ansley! Very sweet. Makes me that much more anxious for our turn- come early August- and to see Paige with her new sibling! :) Sounds like it's amazing! So very happy for you all. Enjoy this time!


So, so sweet to see the beginning of their relationship together! Just precious. Each picture seems to show a different way that she is loving him. She's teaching him things already in the photo with his cute little jeans on. Seeing Ansley holding Christian makes me want to pull out my pictures of Sarah holding Hannah. :) What a sweet big sister!


He's totally adorable! Glad things went so smoothly for you. Sounds like a great hospital.

Time will change your ability to get things done with 2 in the house. Trust me, it only gets more interesting. :)

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