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Very cool gift! Soon Ansley will be directing you in the robot voice! Miss you at Bunco tonight...I didn't win anything...pooey!


Cool gift!


LOL! That is too funny. I didn't realize you were that bad with directions! Well, that then is a great gift! Especially being in a new area! I love it. Oh, and trust me, I'm staying 'tuned' to your site for any baby news! I swear I'm on here a least a couple times every day checking for any updates! :))


happy new year! Oh, what a fantastic gift! I have used navigation on almost every trip in the car since we got it last year. Enjoy! Christian's room looks very, very cute too. Here's some labor vibes~_~_~_~_~>>~~<~>!<>@~>~<

MiMi and PopPop

Just thought I'd say hello so you knew that I was keeping up. I'd like to see that work. It is amazing!!!


What a helpful gift! :) Looking forward to those Christian pictures soon!


The new border (or whatever you call the thingy at the top) is beautiful on so many levels.

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