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She is precious...becoming a family of four I know will be fantastic for all members of the family (except maybe the dog...I think he would be fine if it was just he and John). Love and miss y'all.


Wow! She looks so old in that picture.


Wow- bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches are a total staple of my pregnancy diet too! They were with Paige and are with this one! Can't get enough of them! How funny. Love the reflections- and although I am still quite early in my journey of our second pregnancy- I already find I am quite sentimental at lots of things too, especially those special moments with just Paige and I, and wondering how that's going to change with the second.


Forgot to mention I love the new banner- especially with your belly button as the 'o'! :)

kimberly mcleod

Chris and I both hope your quote isn't true because I treated my little brother awful growing up! I was a tyrant! anyway, update us at the next Drs. appt. We are praying for you. Desta, congratulations! I had no idea. Chris and I are newly pregnant too!


Kimberly- Congrats! :) What exciting news! Gosh, everyone I know seems to be pregnant right now! We are very excited for you guys!

Megan- what did the Dr. say today??

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