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My guess is for Jan. 22nd at 9:43pm, on your own- not induced. Not sure where I came up with the time- just a hunch I guess- but the date would be five days late, and I'm going with that since you were late with Ansley, and the fact you've had no progress yet. So my intuition tells me you're going to be late again, but won't have to be induced. It will be fun to see when and how it actually happens and how close people got with their guesses! Good luck!


I'm going to say Monday, January 15! Exactly three weeks after we celebrate our Savior's birthday - it only makes sense for a 'Christian' to come into this world on that day. You will not have to be induced and I'm going to say mid-morning timeframe. (If not January 15...then January 22 - which would then be 4 weeks (one month) after Christmas Monday.)

MiMi and PopPop

After some thought, I've decided on Jan 19, early afternoon, and on your own. You and Jonathan were born on a Friday. Of course, I could choose Friday Jan 26 but that would be kind of discouraging. Daddy is still with Sunday Jan 14. Whenever it is, we are ready. Try to go on a day with no snow and ice, OK?


Let's see...I will go with January 16th around 4 is the afternoon. I will guess you will be induced and the doctors will want to do it a bit early b/c it is your second/boy and the baby could be bigger. :)

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