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Jonathan and Missy

We're so happy that everything went smoothly. We're looking forward to visiting and seeing Christian and Ansley. We'll talk to you soon.


Welcome home Christian John! What a gift from the Lord that He has blessed you with a son. He looks SO cute in his hospital picture. :) I can't wait to see pictures of Big Sister Ansley holding her baby brother. (No hurry to post them though - rest, rest, rest!) You did so many special things to include her in the excitement of welcoming Christian to your family. You're a terrific mom and you will be a terrific mom to two. I'm glad for you that your hospital experience was so good and smiling that you feel more relaxed and laid back after Christian's birth. It's fun to see how mothering your second child can be both the same and different. Enjoy these precious days of loving your baby! We are so happy for your family! Congratulations from Derek, Renee, Sarah, and Hannah


Welcome Christian! These moments are just too fast. Savor every second possible. I love seeing the pics of God's newest creation. He's beautiful!


Congrats! So glad to hear everything went well!

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