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I'm sorry Ansley is sick. Back when Sarah had those sick tonsils, she had a croupy cough when Hannah was only 1 month old that turned out to be strep and her first and only time with RSV. When I first heard the RSV diagnosis I was so afraid we'd end up with little Hannah in the hospital. But the doctor said that as a newborn Hannah was being very well protected by breast milk antibodies. Enjoy taking it easy with videos and popsicles today.


Being there myself yesterday with the worlds worst 24 hour stomach bug, I feel for ya. We too watched WAY more Barney and Elmo than I would ever care to do in a day, but what else is one to do when mommy is deathly ill and has an almost 3 year old to tend too, or in your case the 3 year old is sick and you have a newborn to tend too?! So enjoy your video watching and popsicle eating day, and letting the laundry wait one more day. Lord knows ours has waited much longer than that before! Hope she feels better soon- and I agree- Christian is probably much more protected than you know via the breastfeeding! Tis the season isn't it?! And yes, where is spring already??!

MiMi and PopPop

Ansley looks pretty cute in that little swing and do I see new pjs on her? When I was shopping today, I found cute little bathrobes on clearance at Penneys. They had several colors but I decided against one since she is so hot natured. But they were cute. I also found gowns with matching slippers on clearance but she sure doesn't need any more sleepwear--even if the slippers did match and it was princess. Hope you had a restful day and our princess is better very soon.

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