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Ashley Jansen

Oh I just can't wait for Hamilton's innocence to flood our home!!


Congrat's on a pull-up free home! I have been telling Paige for a month now, that after her birthday when she turns 3, there will be no more 'princesses'- that's what we call her pull-up's since they have princesses on them. She'll say "that's right mommy. I be big girl and I go poopie on the potty when I 3!" I'm holding my breath, as I plan to have a 'going away' party for the pull-ups like we did with the diapers, and hope that works with the poopie thing once and for all! :) Wish me luck! Not quite fair you got blessed with two good sleepers! Seriously! :)


Yeah for both Ansley and Christian on their big accomplishments! We look forward to the time when Hannah stays dry at night. She is looking forward to sharing a bed with Sarah then too. I'm happy for you that Christian is sleeping well at night - a baby that rests well blesses Mom with much needed rest. :)

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