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Happy 3 months to smiley little Christian! :) You are going to have so much fun putting together boy scrapbook pages for all these cute photos of your son... I like Ansley's hot pink nails!


Wow- good thing I've been buying not only newborn size summer clothing, but also 3-6 month summer clothing for our little guy, since if he's anything like Christian and some other little boys of friend's that have been born recently, he'll still need summer clothing in at least 3-6 month size! Wow- can't believe how big Christian is getting! I guess it's true they say boys tend to be bigger, huh? So, so cute! Love those smiles! Paige too is SO into having mommy or daddy paint her fingernails and toenails- must be a girl thing :) Love it!


Those pictures are so cute. Which stroller is that? I guess he sees everything from a new perspective in that stroller.

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