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So glad you got to spend the day with friends in the beautiful outdoors. :) Your camera oops reminded me of the time we went to the Grand Canyon when I was pregnant with Sarah. We took some excellent shots then thought "Shouldn't we have used up this roll of film already?" Yes, but there was no roll of film loaded in the camera!

Ashley Jansen

Bummer! My mom did that with Katie's high school graduation, but didn't realize it until they got home! At least it was for something a little less monumental :) Sounds like a fun time though. i need to start walking with Hamilton more - I know that we would enjoy it. Would Christian and Ansley like to come along soon? Our pool opens tomorrow - we could take a dip if you would rather. Miss you friend!


Glad you had so much fun! When Tim and I went to Blackberry Farm a couple years ago, we spent some time at Cades Cove biking, picknicking, and such and it was gorgeous! It was in September and the weather was that perfect warm but with a touch of crisp in the air because fall was coming - just absolutely beautiful. I love that place!

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