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I'm still laughing- quite the hilarious post with the exception of the scare with Christian. SO glad all is well! Poor Avery :( Guess he did learn his lesson! We're all about 'bribing/incentives' around here too! I don't care what anyone says! If they don't agree with it, well they obviously don't have a 3 y/o! :)


Glad everything worked out. You will have alge (sp) overgrowth with the tank in the sunshine. Either close the blind and keep it closed or move the tank where it doesn't get direct sun. Otherwise, the alge will take over quickly.


I like the fish tank. Looks like Ansley's enjoying it alot. The line about Christian and vaccines going together like Rosie and Donald cracked me up. That was a funny one Mehusma! Glad he's ok. I'm ready for a water gun fight. Are they coming to the beach? If so, I'm going out after work and getting my water weapon. Hope you have a fun Monday.


I'm so sorry about Christian's reaction to his vaccines but thankful it wasn't a seizure... Hope Ansley enjoys watching her new pets. Glad the incentive worked!...Been meaning to tell you that I really like your motherhood quote.


Great job on an incentive!!! Fish are great pets. So sorry about Christian's experience with vaccines.

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