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Oh wow, from JoAnn's- thanks! I didn't think to check there! :) Well I'll be heading there this weekend :) Love the comparison at 4 months of the two of them. Wow- quite similar, even down to the birthmark, and yet different too with the smiles and fussiness. That's kind of what I was thinking with the album thing. I too already have a family album going, and that's a good idea to put most pictures of the two of them in that one. I agree- making 'duplicate' pages is just too much work, and something I know I won't have time for! :) Whew- I get tired thinking of all these albums to keep up with! Quick pages will definitely be the name of the game for sure! :)


Hi Megan. I was gone a few days this week to see my mom for Mother's Day and love on my new nephew. I've enjoyed catching up on what's going on with you guys. Seeing your photos of Christian (and holding my nephew Silas) has made me really look forward to our little one on the way. We find out if it's baby brother or baby sister on Wednesday. :) I was excited to see all your 4 month photos and your scrapbook pages for Christian!!! I think Desta asked about making duplicate pages. I kept separate albums for both girls as babies and toddlers for all those firsts and milestones. Now all their pages (that I actually get done!) are together in one album for our family. Even a page just for Hannah or a page just for Sarah. I'm not sure how things may change when #3 arrives. I have two friends in Corinth who make duplicate pages for their two children's separate albums when it's an event that's special for both. There might be one photo of them both together and one photo of them alone and the exact same colors, layout etc. I noticed those pages are their simplest ones. It seems to work for them... Those poster prints are terrific! Aren't they going in the playroom? Tbose are fun playful smiles for a playroom! And the book stack photo made me smile thinking about my bookworm at my house. :) Whew, a long comment today after not commenting for a week!

Ashley Jansen

One word...MESSY! :) It looks like maybe Ansley liked to be cleaner then Christian :) Or maybe the mom is just more relaxed with messes this time around :) Thanks for the info. on the prints.

Robin Miles

Love the comparison! I think Eiley and Ian will be very different, she was exactly 10 lbs at her 2 month check-up and I think he hit about 10 lbs at 5 weeks. She looks just like her daddy and I think Ian looks like my dad and brother. I'm eager to see how different/similar they will be. :)

I have a scrapbook question for you. Do you usually do double page layouts or single page layouts? I always feel like I have to do double page layouts because I'm a little neurotic about my pages matching. I think I need to get over that because it takes me much longer and sometimes I only need a single page layout.


Thanks Renee for your insight on the 'duplicate' pages question! Good to know! :) Guess it's just whatever works best! Congrats btw on #3 on the way! I will say, it is definitely the year of the boy it seems. I know of at least 6 other people, not including me, that have had or are due with a boy soon. Would love to hear if you continue that streak or break it! :) Good luck!


Thanks Desta for the congrats. I'm happy for you and your family that you have a little boy on the way! :)


Hi again Megan. Back again to say I'm enjoying seeing all your new scrapbook layouts with your newborn photos! :)

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