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Wow - my hormonal pregnant self teared up at this one. I write Kaitlyn a letter on her birthday each year with the previous year's info. from journals and this is similar. And boy, I can relate with much of it. I think Kaitlyn may have a similar personality to Ansley's. Really enjoyed reading it - you're a great writer. Talk to you more soon!

Ashley Jansen

Thanks for a wonderfully reflective post. I'm looking forward to experiencing each of our boy's years together and always having a listening ear close by to discuss all the 'What are you doing about...', 'Is he...', 'How are you handling...', etc., etc. I'm so happy we got to have our sons together. Ansley will be a wonderful big sis to all of them!!
I think I'm realizing I've got a lot of learning to do as well!!

Christina Sallustio

Hey there... you know, I always credited Alex's challenges with just "being a boy." That all went out the window when Jake was born. From day one, he has a completely different personality... and yes, he is a very easy, happy baby. SO, that makes Alex the one I've learned a lot from. Thanks for this perspective, it does make it easier to look at it from that perspective!


At only 10 months, I know that Ella Beth has taught me more than I expected to learn in 5 years. I can only imagine what's to come. I foresee that we will probably receive scholarships from Harvard or Yale when our kids are ten, just from becoming SO smart! :)

Robin Miles

I love this post! I haven't written down anything like this for Eiley but you've inspired me. I see the importance of it because you are right if you don't write it down the details will otherwise be forgotten.


Megan, thanks for sharing this letter to Ansley. The last line of course made me smile. :) Your letter made me realize I journal and write to Sarah and Hannah about mostly what's easy and fun. I know I have learned a lot about myself from what's difficult in our relationships but it's not as easy to put down on paper. Sarah is SO much like me that's it's often hard to see and hear myself in her (when it's not the part of me I like to see or hear.) Thanks for challenging me to write about the good and even the not so good that are all a part of who they are at this age and our relationship together. Thanks.


What a great entry. I am surprised at how much your thoughts mirror mine with Jace and Reece. So much of that desribes and exciting but challenging and emotional to say the least. Reece on the other hand is easy going and takes life at a different approach. I wouldn't have it any other way! We love Olivia books at our house and there is one where Olivia is challenging her mother at night. She says to her daughter.."You wear me out Olivi, but I love you anyways." Olivia responds back, "I love you anyways, too." I guess this could sum up our first born children : )! PS. Are you SURE you don't want to head back to Atlanta?!?

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