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The run-around-the-house-shrieking phase? We get that one a lot here... She is very cute! : )

Christina Sallustio

would it be playing chase? We have been doing a LOT of that lately.

MiMi and PopPop

I give up (already). What phase is it????


All I can think of is not wanting her picture taken...hope that's not it! I'm so glad to know that your almost 4 year old and my almost 4 year old have gone through some of the same stages. Right now we are in tantrum phase (I think it's copying her 2 year old sister). Needless to say we are ready to move on to a new phase. Have a good one!

Ashley Jansen

Possibley the run-away-from-mom stage?


I am going to go with run from the camera phase, too...Jace is going through that right now (among the dreaded Why? stage, the ask Mommy the same question 10 times in a row phase, and read the same book every night phase). By the way, I think you should submit the "Makeup" scrapbooking page to some magazines to have it published. Amazing..and the pictures just make me laugh. I bet there are some fun days at the Greiner house!

Robin Miles

I agree, I think it's the "not cooperate for a picture" phase. Eiley is regularly in that phase!! :)

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