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Hey... great to hear all that's going on. It is easy to get caught up on reading, isn't it? How are you doing your frames on the blog? I've been thinking about transitioning to them for the blog, and I really like the way they look.

I can't believe Christian is pulling to stand already!!! That's amazing. Jake scoots and rolls, but is still so easy and stays relatively in one place (no complaints here!)


Great question about the frames...I would love to know too! I love hearing about all your "firsts" and the bath picture is adorable!


Hooray for Christian learning to pull up! I remember that Sarah just sat and sat on a blanket with her toys without much interest in crawling at first. Then along came Hannah who learned to crawl before she learned to sit down without falling over - as soon as you put her on the floor she took off. :) Some of it was how God made them and some of it maybe was being the second child. I'm sure Chistian is happy to finally see just what was on top of that train table!. . . Hooray for Ansley for learning to swing herself. I remember how happy I was to see Sarah swing herself on our old playset before we moved. I sure do miss our old yard and playset. :( . . . Speaking of birthday countdowns - Sarah's birthday is one month from today!!!

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