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Happy Birthday! How sad is it that I'm just cluing into the fact that you said 61 things because he was turning 61...duh?!? Very cute and clever, and we will continue to pray!

MiMi and PopPop

Sixty-one is pretty hard to come up with but just think when it gets to 75 or 100!!! You'd better start your list now. Thanks for the tribute.

Christina Sallustio

I love this post. Hope your dad has a better day tomorrow...


I hope in spite of feeling so bad that your daddy felt very loved and cared for on his birthday. I really like how you honored who he is with your list. You are a very loving daughter. Happy Birthday "PopPop"! You are in our prayers!


Megan, I read this before and loved it! So, I'm thinking of stealing it for my mom's birthday on Monday. Do you mind?? I'm going to start working on my entry your dad, my mom is very well loved and I don't think I'll have too much trouble thinking of 56 things to describe her. :)

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