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So have you been spying in at our house in the mornings?! Sounds awfully familiar- and I'm almost done laughing- only with you of course! :)


To Funny! The joys of motherhood and getting it all done. I'm going to be daring and try one of your recipes tonight so wish me luck!

Sara Bouman

This is absolutely hysterical. I am laughing out loud - still.

Christina Sallustio

I am literally cracking up. Thank you for documenting what life is like for you, and helping us all to realize that we are not alone in the moment :)


:) I'm smiling about the grasshopper! Sarah and Hannah are fascinated with the baby toads in our yard but so far there hasn't been one in my lap... I think I can't get out the door right now - that's without the nursing and diaper days right around the corner! Then one day I'll have three little girls hair to fix!!!

christy bonfiacio

That is hilarious Megan!! I love your sense of humor!!
I think all mothers can relate...

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