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Megan, this is one of my all time favorite songs too! It encouraged me greatly through a difficult time in my life right when it came out a little over a year ago! I'm glad you like it too and have been able to hear it. I'm still thinking of you and praying for you...don't worry about anyone else's will walk down this road at your own pace. No one will be rushing you or wanting you to feel anything less than all that is in you. I am just so very sorry for all the pain you are going through. If I could do anything for you, I would!! And I will...just let me know!!

Liz Snyder

I haven't heard this song! I'll have to download it immediately. The Jesus Wept cd is coming to you soon, I promise!

Keep breathing... you're doing okay. Stay in or go out- it doesn't matter. Just do what you can to make it through each day.

Sometimes I find watching fluff chick flicks really helps. :)

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