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amazing that 3/4 inch can change it 40%. Christian weighs more than Ansley did... wouldn't that put him in a higher percentile? Just a thought. It's so fun to look back and compare... I need to take a look myself!


*my blog comment debut!* The percentiles are different for boys and girls. Can't remember why I know this as I've only got a boy, but I do know that's true. I think you're kids are beautifully different--to me, only knowing them from pictures, they look like siblings, but look different. I think it's a face shape thing....I think that Nathanael and Christian would be great friends and that Nathanael would love to watch Ansley, who is certainly more entertaining than I am during the day. You are an amazing photographer...(oh, and I already have a feeling this comment is going to look ridiculously long...sorry!)


You are right. If you want to see the charts, you can do a quick web search on the CDC growth charts. I have these downloaded, printed and circled just for fun. Check out boys clothes vs. girls too--much bigger for boys. Isn't is so cool how different two little humans can be yet still loved very much. God is amazing!


Yes I remember the doctor telling me that the growth charts are different between the sexes. And my friend Kristen posting on my friend Megan's blog is quite the clashing of worlds. Totally strange, yet totally cool!


Well that explains then why Pierson is still barely into 0-3 mo. sizes even though he's almost 3 months! I was beginning to wonder if boys clothes weren't made bigger! Even though Paige was definitely on the small side, she was never in newborn/0-3 mo. this long! Makes total sense now! (thanks Liz!) Very interesting- as I never knew that about the growth charts being different for boys/girls. I can't wait to do the 'comparison game' as well after Pierson's 4 month app't and compare it to his sister! I too find it interesting that her eyes were blue but aren't anymore- as I agree- I thought 6 months was the 'official' mark for eye color??!


I finally got to catch up on your blog. Still don't have e-mail (actually I have gotten use to it until I come to my parents..). They are just growing up so fast! Ansley is looking like just a "grown up." They are adorable! I can't believe how fast time flys. Aidan will be 4 in Dec and Brenna's 2nd birthday is today and our newest addition to arrive in April. Glad to see that life in TN is going well!


So I usually just read your blog, but don't post a comment :) but while I'm thinking about pediatrician said that the kids eyes can change up until 5 years old! Now, I don't know anyone who has a 4 yr old whose eyes suddenly changed color, but it definitely has take a while for Corrie's eyes to settle down into brown -- they still look green at times and she just turned 2.

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