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Jennifer Harden

Your family should be very proud of themselves. The way all of you have handled this situation with such grace and faithfulness is really a testament to what kind of Christians your father, and The Father, has made his family. It's easy to praise God and have faith when you're enjoying windfalls in your life - a job promotion, a raise, a new home, etc. But to show such faith and continue to praise God in the deepest throes of sadness is amazing and an example for those people around you.

At times like this it would be easy to get mad and demand of God, "Why me?" but your family has taken a different path - to truly see that God has answered your prayers. He is going to alleviate the pain of this horrible disease for your father - in his way.

God IS amazing and truly does work in wonderous ways = the day I found out your father's recent prognosis, I went home and Oprah was on my DVR. Professor Randy Pausch was a guest that day. He's 46 years old and was recently told he had 3-6 months to live from pancreatic cancer. He has 3 children under the age of 5. He gave a speech at his university that has been downloaded over 1 million times in the last month or so. He gave that same speech on Oprah and it moved me to tears. He is an amazing man and I couldn't help but notice similarities between him and your father. If you haven't already seen it, I encourage you to watch the video here:

God bless you all,


Hey, Megan. I understand all too well the pain you and your family are going through. I also know that despite our sorrow at our loss, we were truly thankful that God took my father's pain away. He took my father's broken body and healed it as only He could. We prayed for so long that my dad would be relieved of his sickness, for all of his pain to be taken away. He was. It was. Just not in our way. God chose to take my dad home, healed.

My neice asked me not too long ago, "Where is your dad?" I said, "He's in Heaven." She said, "Really? Wow, that must be awesome!." At four, she had no idea what those words mean to me. It really must be awesome to be in Heaven. Close to our Savior. Free at last.

I know how incredibly difficult it will be for you, for your mom, for your family. But in the toughest times, cling to the truth that Heaven is AWESOME...and that's where you God really wants us to be.

I love you. I am praying for you. If you need anything I'm here.


I am singing, and the song I'm singing I just sent a copy to you via email with a link (wait for the second email to listen to the whole thing). Thinking of you constantly!


Hi, friend -- funny to think that I was Ansley's age when I met you and your family. I have been thinking of you so much the past few days and praying for your family... my parents are praying, too. I think that as I get older I have become more aware that my parents are getting older too, but I don't think you can ever really be ready to lose them, especially when they've been such great parents, like your dad. I appreciate your eternal perspective -- that you aren't really losing him, just sending him home early, even if it seems too early. Will keep praying. Love, A


Oh Megan, I am crying as I read your post...and I do not even have the blessing of knowing your dad. I am so very sorry! I know there is nothing I can say to take away your pain...but know that I will be praying. Your trust in the Lord is a beautiful testimony to the world around you!


Hi Megan, Your blog has become one of my first internet stops each day. You have some amazing words of wisdom already written, but wanted to log in again to say I'm still praying.

Lynda Lee

Megan, we were blessed to have your parents as neighbors. They sometimes shared holiday dinners with us after one of your dad's long holiday workdays. I so enjoyed sharing backyard moments with your mom and playing Bunco together. Your dad is a kind and gracious man, but you already know that. He gave our son, Matt, a job at Penney's when he couldn't find the first, "after college," job that he wanted. Your parents kept tabs on our adult children and shared the news of what was going on with their adult children and grandchildren.

We are also blessed to be receiving these blogs from you. Even through your pain, you are rejoicing. What an inspiration you are. Know that God is working not only to help you, but to help others through you. Thank you for sharing.


Lynda Lee

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