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All I can say is WOW! It is just an honor to walk through this part of your journey with you and see how God is sharpening you, which in turn is sharpening me!! Love you dearly!


Megan, I continue to be so inspired by your faith and eloquence of putting your many, many emotions into words of such a deep, personal journey. Your posts have had me in tears. It's such a beautiful thing that admist what I'm sure are so many unanswered questions, you refuse to let Satan get to you, and rather remain steadfast in your faith and trust in God's ultimate plan, despite the fact that, like you said, you will never understand the complete picture. Yes, the Lord is near, has been near, and will ALWAYS be near. I pray for peace and comfort and strength to surround you in the days and weeks to come as you travel to be near your dad. I worked with Hospice before becoming a mom,(so yes, you would think I would be able to speak so much more eloquently on this subject, yet I find I am at a complete loss for the right words to even come close to comfort you) and I pray your dad and mom and your whole family will find them to be an added source of strength and understanding through this whole process. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of such a personal journey with you and your family, so that most importantly we can hold you up in our prayers.

Stephanie Campbell [friend of Desta's in Atlanta]


I know we have never met on an official basis and have truly only spoken a few times through a few emails but I check in on your world often and have "watched" all that has gone on with your dad these last five months.

I am overwhelmed and without the right words to express the feelings I get when I have read your blogs this past week. Your strength is the most impressive, and your sadness so honest. My heart aches for you and my tears have flowed freely everytime I read about and think about what you and your family are experiencing and feeling.

You have driven me to look at my own life and my own relationships to make some much needed thank you!

I hope that I have the honor to meet you in person one day because you are a remarkable woman and someone I would be proud to know.

Love and Prayers from my family to yours...

Christina Sallustio

Megan, through your tears and your willingness to share your honest emotions, we are here with you during this experience. While I can only read your words, and embrace your heart in my mind, our heavenly Father is walking this step in step with all of you, embracing you and empowering you through it all. How evident to all of us that He is near you at this time. So very, very near. We can feel it even through reading your words. Thank you for allowing us into this very private place, to share with you in pain in sorrow, and rejoice with you in the lavishing comfort of God's peace.


Hey friend. not sure I can add much to the beautiful posts above. All I can say is stay in the Word and keep blogging. Your words are healing you and inspiring others. Your Father and your father are honored.
love you.


Another amazing entry--I wish I could give you a real hug, but and internet one is all I can provide (((((((HUGS)))))))). I too am being shaped by your perspective, I hope this brings you a smile to know you are doing God's work.


Megan- I having been holding off with a post until now as I wasn't sure my comment belonged in such a personal place. I just have to let you know that even though we have never met I know that you are a truly amazing woman so full of faith, love and compassion. Your entries this week have been so inspiring and confirmed my feelings that we have to trust God's plan. My tears too have flowed freely for you and your family. You are so amazing to watch through this journey and I am so glad that you feel the closeness of the Lord. Safe travels to be with your Dad. Love, Emily


Just wanted to tell you that we love you, your husband and your children, in the truest sense of the word. We are here for anything, at all, that you need.

Stephanie Clanton

Megan - thank you for your honesty as you talk about this time with your family. I am crying - for your pain, for your family's pain as well. Your faith is so uplifting and encouraging, reading it makes me want to print out your posts so that when the time comes when I have to go through something like this, I can remind myself of GOd's truths in our struggles and in death. God is using you during this time. You are in my prayers.


Megan- I actually met you once, in NC. I worked for your Dad at JCP, and we also attended the same church. He was an amazing boss, and he talked about all of you all the time. My husband (Chris) and I have been praying since we learned the news from the church here. Still are. Harder. I lost my dad in Aug., so I know all of those feelings. Still feeling them. Take care of yourself and your family and thanks for keeping all of us posted. Sherri Siegel

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