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OMG! I can't believe it's that time already! Wow- you are right momma- I think a little boy is replacing your baby! Sad and exciting at the same time isn't it!? I am so holding onto these baby days with Pierson something fierce- like I never did with Paige. I think with our first we're in such a hurry for that next stage and milestone- and then we realize with the second it goes way too fast! Hoping the new pain meds start giving your dad some much needed relief.


Wow - look at those darling shoes. I was just talking to Mark about whether I need to purchase Hamilton some shoes, but for now we've decided to stick with socks :) Continuing to pray for your dad.


Megan, those "little boy" shoes are the cutest! I just love buying Caleb "boy" stuff after all the pink at our house! :) (I love getting the pink, too, though!!)

I am praying for your dad!


Those are such adorable shoes!! Nothing like the first pair:) I am keeping your dad and family in my thoughts and prayers:)

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