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Liz Snyder

i've been checking your blog all day hoping for an update while you're with your family... well, somewhat selfishly.
i am praying for you, sister! your words just pierce to the heart of it all. what a glorious day when your dad is completely healed in the presence of Jesus!!! ... oh but the sadness that is left here. i remember when my mom died kristen sent me a text and all it said was "happy she's free, but sad she's gone."
may the God of all comfort be with you tonight.


Praying and thinking of you in this time of immense sadness Megan. Keep rejoicing. The God I see through you is AMAZING!


Oh Megan, my heart aches for you in a way I just can't put into words. My tears are flowing free and often for you, every time I read your heartbreaking yet inspiring journals. Oh the rejoicing indeed there will be when your dad arrives in Heaven. I can only imagine what he is already seeing, perhaps angels already surrounding him? Yet, the intense and overwhelming sorrow you all must be feeling I know just can't be put into words. Please know we are here for you, thinking of you, praying for you, and surrounding you with our love (((((HUGS))))))) And I diddo what Liz said, the God I too see through you is truly amazing!!!!! May the presence of Jesus surround and blanket you all in the hours and days to come.


Oh Megan, my heart breaks for you as I read your post tonight. Know that as your dad is soon surrounded by angels and seeing our Savior face to face, you too will be surrounded - by our prayers and love!


I continue to pray for strength, peace and comfort for your family. I pray that your dad also has peace and little pain. How wonderful to know that he will soon be free of it, but I know he will be missed here. Rejoicing for him but sad for you...

Christina Sallustio

Megan, it is with a heavy heart that I read your post. Yet, I am so moved by your dad's big smile, your letting him go... I can only imagine the glory that is present before him.


We love you and miss you dearly!

Robin Miles

Megan, my heart goes out to all of you. I can't imagine how it must feel to know someone you love is so close meetig God, but leaving this earth. It must be such joy for them but such overwhelming sadness for you. I don't know how people that don't beleive it Heaven get through times like this. I have tears flowing as I'm typing this and I hope Jonathan makes it home in time. May God comfort all of you and give you a peace that only he can.

Stephanie Clanton

Hey Megan - I wanted to email this prayer to you, but it wouldn't work on my computer. I just wanted you to know that my heart is aching for you and you are in my prayers. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you here in Knoxville while you are gone... Thank you for being so open and allowing us the honor of experiencing this with you during this time..
Lord, I pray for strength as Megan and her family go through this time of sadness. I pray that the family would literally feel your arms around them, comforting them. Thank you, Lord, that you are so immensely happy to have your child home with you, but that your heart also breaks and that you have tears for Megan and her family's grief. Your support during this time has already been so evident. Continue to move, continue to bring glory to yourself through the faithful yet broken hearts of Megan and her family. I also pray for peace,relief, and utter joy for Megan's dad as he is so close to seeing you face to face. Praise the Lord.

Stephanie Campbell

My heart breaks for you, my tears flow for you, I simply can't imagine all that you are feeling right now.
I know your heart is so heavy with grief and sorrow, yet your heart is so strong and you convey to the rest of us what it means to be strong and to trust in yourself and the Lord.
You truly are an outstanding woman and I am grateful to "know you", if only through your website and your blogging.
My prayers are with you, your family, your mom, your brother
May God Bless all of you, may he watch over you and keep you all strong.

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