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O my! I will be praying for Dale and Marsha. Sarah named a stuffed animal after him this week.

Nana (to Paige and Pierson Long)

Megan, Maybe Dale is also grieving for the loss of your dad. Give him a few days and see what happens. I am sure Dale was loved by your dad as well.
My prayers are with you and your family.


Totally understand the love of a pet. Maybe Nana is correct - there were so many people around him for so long and now there isn't. Maybe it's his way of grieving as well. Sometime we don't give pets credit for their feelings. By the way, how is Kota and Avery doing now that y'all are home?

Liz Snyder

Alright, so the non-pet lovers bit was in part for me, however!, my roommate's dog is so emotional! I swear when she started packing her things up to move in with her new husband Phoebe started breaking all the rules and she wouldn't go #2 for us. It was stressful. Even still she does stuff like this now and then when Em is out of town. Animals are more complicated than we know and I agree with Nana that its very possible Dale is grieving - or reacting to the change at home. Has he gone to the vet? I hope he's okay - you're right it wouldn't be fair at all for something to happen to him right now.
love you!


Well, it wouldn't be right to not comment when my own 'nana' did and everyone seemed to agree with her! :) Sorry I'm a bit behind, but I was a little preoccupied with Paige's surgery yesterday. Anyway, I do also have to agree with my mom, aka Nana, in that my first thought when I read that was that Dale is also grieving the loss of your dad. I am an animal lover, especially cats, and agree that often times we don't give them credit for how smart they are and the feelings they too can have. Keep us updated, but I would bet in a little while he will come around again.

MiMi and PopPop

We have just brought Dale home from the overnite stay at the vet's. He had a serious bladder infection and white blood cell count indicated that he had a virus also. The vet also thinks this was brought on with the stress of the last few weeks and his reactions to it all. He is on 2 different medicines and has had IV fluids and shots for the last 24 hours. He is still not eating very well but he seems much improved. I really appreciate all the prayers and concern. That cat means so much to me--especially now--and he has a special way of comforting me.

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