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Liz Snyder

This letter is beautiful. I know its a prayer to God, but it really spoke to me. It reminded me of the blinding pain in the beginning, and as I've said before it does feel good to be reminded of it.
I look forward to walking alongside you in this valley and hearing your thoughts and questions on Heaven and earth. It does open a whole new perspective on eternity and I think God must rejoice in that for his children.
I once had a friend say that without people in the Church who have lost and grieved there would be many who would not contemplate eternity, but because we long for it and speak of it openly God uses us to draw others into a Heaven-bound hopeful view of life on earth.
Peace be with you this week.
love, liz

Jonathan and Missy

That was a great letter Megan. Your words always do a great job of capturing the very emotions I feel. Even though the circumstances weren't what we wanted them to be, we enjoyed spending time with you all and all of our family this week. Thanks for being such a great sister, sister in law, and brother in law. We are so proud to call you our family and friends. We look forward to seeing you next week. We love you.

Jonathan and Missy


Oh Megan, this is beautiful. I think I'm going to have to post a link to it on my blog for my friends to read, too. Wow...the words you wrote are so true. Sometimes we don't understand the sufficiency of His grace until we need it so desperately.


Beautiful, Megan. And how wonderful it is that Christ came and did overcome the world. I am praying for you in this time of trouble, but I know that your heart will heal. What an inspiration you are going to be to your children...especially your daughter. God must be so proud of you.


Beautiful was the word that came to my mind too when reading such a beatifully written prayer. I'm so thankful our Heavenly Father wants us to pour out our hurting hearts to Him. As so many others have said already - thank you for your willingness to share your heart with all of us to remind us that His grace is sufficient for each of us too. I'll be keeping on praying for you and your family.

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