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So happy to hear it was a good holiday for all. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks...are we absolutely crazy for doing this trip so close to the holidays? I didn't think so either! HA!

Jill (friend of Desta's)

Hi there. I am a friend of Desta's that lives in her neighborhood. Been keeping up with your journey this year. Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving.
Seeing that picture of your two kids holding hands just brought tears to my eyes. Can't get more precious and priceless than that.
Happy Holiday Season!


Just looking at your entry again. Why does it look like Ansley and JonJon are singing at the table?


Aren't you glad you had your camera for that holding hands moment? :) How sweet it is to see your children love each other!!! Reading about your family's time together and your thanksgiving to God this year reminded me that I want to write down what I thank God for at this season in my life. I have a Thanksgiving scrapbook with a page each year that just has our family's photo, the girl's turkey handprints, and a simple thanksgiving prayer from me. In my newborn days, I didn't do it last week so thanks for the reminder to record what I am thankful for...Ansley's drawing made me smile too. :)

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