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Megan, I am sure this must be very tough for Ansley. I would say with confidence that she is working through things in her mind. Of course, I am not a counselor, but kids are very much emotional barometers.

I can tell you from our experience with Riley - I don't mean to compare the two, but just to say that Alex's behavior was out of sorts for weeks, and still is to some extent.

We will pray for Dale, for you, your mom and your children. These days and weeks will be peppered with days like this - but my hope is that your sweet girl's spirit will come to terms with what she is trying to work through.


I emailed you...Praying for you during this continued journey!


Hi Megan, Oh, this must be such a challenge. While we haven't experienced a loss like you, Carter too has these types of days. I believe that 4 year olds are extremely perceptive and testing boundaries while trying express theselves. Keep consistency as best you can (as you have) and try to share a bit about how sad you are feeling with Ansley. Perhaps she will share a bit about her feelings? Just a thought on how I might handle this situation and hopeful that it wil help you. Prayers going up for you this morning.


For whatever my '2 cents' is worth, I do think a lot of her behavior sounds like her way of dealing with grief and losing her pop pop who she loved so much. Kids deal with grief in so many different ways, and acting out is a very common one. Dealing with the concept of death at their age is just such a huge concept for them to understand, one they most often just don't. But yes, I agree, with a 3 1/2 year old going on 4 soon of my own, that part of it also may just be that age- testing boundaries, seeing how much they can get away with, etc...

Anyway, I will continue to pray that your days like this will be less and less and more and more filled with happy, joyful and well behaved times! Hang in there, sounds like you are doing an amazing job despite the stressful and immensely sad time you are going through.

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