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we are still curently in Texas but still praying for you and thinking of you constantly. Thanks for all the updates!


Thinking of you, Megan.


Thanks for the update. I'm checking your blog every half hour it seems. Waiting here, too. And praying.
Know that God is working, even now, in you Dad's heart of hearts, ministering, preparing. And strengthening you all for these days.
endure, dear family.


God so hears those groans of your heart... that deep down need to just be present with Him, to allow Him to carry you through the darkest moments.

You are in our constant thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers.


Thank you for updating us. I'm praying for your comfort and rest. Keep on trusting, I know God is listening to you.

christy bonfiacio

Praying for you and your family Megan...


Helen Berry

Megan, just wanted to let you know that we, too, are praying for you and your family. Thanks for all the updates. I cannot even imagine how much you and your family are enduring, suffering, groaning through this time. In all of this, I'm amazed and inspired by your words and your thoughts, that you are crying out to God and still are entrusting everything to Him, and knowing that He continues to be your all in all. I was reading back in my journal and had written these words by Mother Teresa "Suffering is a gift of God, a gift that makes us more Christlike..."
The other night we were up at Dan and Nancy's, and they had pulled out an old beach video of your fam, and laughing and remembering of the time with you all, with Randy, during those beach vacations at Emerald Isle.
Know that we're praying for the whole family...


I'm praying during your waiting - and sometimes it's in the middle of the night when God brings you to my mind and heart while I'm up with little Lydia - maybe it's when you are up with your dad.

Sarah Minges

Megan & Family,

My prayers go up for you and your family continuously. I am thankful you can be there with your Mom and Dad, as this brings unspeakable comfort to them both. I understand the agony in waiting as my family experienced this as my grandmother recently waited to go to heaven. God hears your heart and loves each and every one of you. I so appreciate your willingness to share with all of us through the pain and the tears. With my grandmother even though she was unable to speak, she could still hear us, so be comforted to know that your Dad knows you are all there and he loves you SOOOO much it is hard for him to leave. He and God will know the moment, rest in the peace that when Jesus takes his hand his earthly pain will be healed and he will be at peace.
With love and prayers,
Sarah M.

Christy Guthrie :)

Megan - you and your family are in our constant prayers. I am a friend of Robin Miles and through her and your amazing blog, I've been aware of all that's been going on. You are an inspiration to me - your faith is so encouraging and such a testament to God's awesome love of us all.

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