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Liz Snyder

I love all the cookies! They're a huge deal in the Snyder family, too. So fun! Are the reindeer peanut butter cookies? The kiss cookies are a Snyder favorite every year! My Mom eventually got to making nearly 10 dozen for us because we'd sneak and eat them before Christmas day when they were put out for us to officially enjoy.

It is bittersweet, isn't it? In some ways it always will be. I'm glad you've got the munchkins to enjoy it through... it will help.



Ugh! Sorry you had sick kids too -- I'm with you - it's no fun! Here's to good health for you and John this week! Love the reindeer treats - I may have to use that one:) We've already made our kiss cookies.


I'm glad you and Ansley enjoyed baking your yummy treats together. Not only are you making desserts but memories too. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Know that I'm praying for you and your family this Christmas.


So because I learned to be a germaphobic from one of the mean learned how to be aware of germs from one of the best...who am I kidding, you know you are and I know I'm a wanna-be. I'm wondering, did the kiddos get sick before or after the Santa visit? When we visited Santa I actually thought about how many kids had touched his suit and he had touched with his gloves before Hamilton sat on his lap and then I've got to tell Megan and see what she thinks and does. Anyway...all the yummy cookies look delicious.

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