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What a sad picture. When I left he looked so happy. What happened?? :)


thank you for this post. this first time mama of a toddler needed to hear it! (hope his nighttime sleep gets better soon!)


Cute definitely makes up for it--at least it does for MiMi!!


Hey...what a cutie! Make sure he doesn't have an ear infection. :) That's what mine did when their ears were hurting. Poor baby...and poor mamma! I hope you get some sleep soon! I know the crying pictures are so sad, but you get some great shots...they will be cherished forever!! :)


It seems to me that night terrors (bad dreams) can start around this age...I remember our doctor mentioning this when Cole was that age....It's hard to be wanted and needed all the time, though, for the mom. Hang in there!


Sometimes, Ella Beth's cute factor is all that keeps me from losing my mind! Ella Beth and Christian must have very similar personality traits...I'm crossing my fingers that it will pass. Soon. I'll keep you in my mommy prayers b/c I know how incredibly exhausting it is. Thankfully, we do remember much more of the "good" times than the "bad."

He is a cutie. :)


Yes, some days it's hard to be one - and hard to be Mama to a crying little one. I have thought about you lately because I heard Lifesong on the radio both yesterday AND today. :) Hope Christian is sleeping better this weekend.


such pitiful tears. I'm right there with you, it's rough sometimes for sure. Hope the days get a little better for you.


One year molars?!? That is what Reece is going through right now. I forgot all about that until my sister reminded me about them (I thought I would remember everything...)My poor girl just flat out feels terrible. Whatever is is..I hope you guys get through it soon. He looks SO sad...hope you guys can get some sleep.

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