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LOVE this post :) It made me smile, which is so nice... and I can totally relate to the mommy's boy thing - really!! Hope Ansley is getting well soon. It's miserable, being sick. I've decided I need to be more at war with the germs, since I seem to be the one who keeps getting them! Hope the rest of you stay rash-free! Can't wait to see new pictures of Ansley's room :)


Just wanted to tell you that Nathanael spent his entire dinnertime waving at these photos of Ansley and Christian while I read your blog (strategically placed computer and multitasking.):)


This blog is hilarious. You are so funny. Still trying to find time to respond to your e-mail. Maybe I should just pick up the phone. =) But then I'm not sure what you would hear in the background these transition days for me. I'll be in touch soon. =)


Okay...not to leave you feeling more exhausted...but Ella Beth still wants to be held most of the time. She will be 17 months next week. Once a clingy child, always a clingy child? Hopefully, not when she's 27 or anything! Just think of all the muscles we're building. I'm thankful every day that Ella Beth is petite!

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm always into finding new books for the family. Even Scott is getting more into reading since it's one of Ella Beth's favorite things to do!


Sorry- just getting updated on all your blogs now post nasty awful stomach bug from this week! Love this post- and I agree with getting 'more', or just as excited about Paige as her new toys! I have a feeling once she goes back to school I will be secretly in her room playing with her princess vanity and doll house :) Love that your mom got another kitty! It's no secret I am a cat lover through and through, and though I love our Gracie, I would give anything to add a cat to our household! Can't wait to see pictures of Griffin! And I have to say your baby is starting to look like quite the little man! Really can't believe he is almost one! Oh, and please don't apologize one more time about the clothes! I just appreciate it so much again, and we'll definitely look forward to getting that in the mail! Hope Ansley is feeling much better. I know way too much this winter season about being sick myself.


Hope Ansley is feeling better!

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