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Sara Bouman

Your blog made me smile today. I was laughing at your bird comment - too funny. That's cute about Ansley. The other day I was playing dolls with Kaitlyn and she was talking to "Neesha" and then I asked her what my dolls name was and she said "Gooshy". A certain donkey from her nativity set over Christmas was called "Seminini". Interesting names, huh? Wish we could do a playdate with the two of them!

Robin Miles

I always love your top 10 lists. :) Jonathan told me about your Hawaii trip today, how fun!! I know it's a little hard to leave the kids for a vacation far away but it's nice to just be husband and wife for a few days instead of mommy and daddy. Neal and I had a great time on our 10 year anniversary cruise while my parents watched the kiddos. I know you'll have a great time and get some fabulous pictures!


I see Christian standing on his BD stool. He looks like such a big boy!! Since I don't have kids at home I have to tell you about my "boys." Dale was out on the porch but Griffin was inside with me. He suddenly started wailing so loud I had to go look. I followed him to the porch door where Dale was waiting to be let in. Isn't that just the sweetest "brotherly love"? Or, maybe it wasn't sweet--maybe he just wanted to jump and attack him!!


Your lists always make me smile. Hooray for Christian learning to walk! He'll love being able to try to keep up with Ansley! AND hooray for your Hawaii vacation plans! We will have a nursing baby on our 10th anniversary this summer- and I'm a bridesmaid in a longtime friend's wedding too so no anniversary vacation plans for us yet...That's incredible how Ansley is already discerning the Truth when reading a lie...I really like the picture of Christian looking up to Ansley and learning from her - something I love about seeing your children's relationships unfold. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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