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Happy Spring! I enjoyed the picture of your four and a half year old bookworm. :) Have fun reading to her and teaching her to read from those big stacks of library books!!!


Those pictures make me really ready for spring, too. I rode my bicycle yesterday and the day before. I really need to pump up the tires. Maybe I could bring my bike sometime and we could all go somewhere to ride bikes!!


You have just got to stop this going out of town thing and being away from a computer. It does not do a body good!!


cute cute cute!!! Hmmm... I'll have to pull the wagon out. I bet the boys would love that,too. Good idea!! Love the chubby fingers :)


I was not referring to you as a 'lurker' on my site! My goodness! Quite the contrary- you are one of the 'faithful few' I was referring to who are so good about leaving me comments, which I just love!! :) It's always much appreciated! Love the picture of Christian walking- what a big boy! Seriously, wasn't he just a teeny tiny little baby??? Now a new post pretty please :)))

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