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I remember people telling me that those early years would be gone quickly. At the time I didn't believe them but, looking back, I wish I would have savored them. I guess that's hard to do sometimes, but I think we probably pass too quickly through a lot of our days. Time is really so precious.

Candace about a tear jerker post! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!


LOVE this post... and Love Trace Adkins, especially on Celebrity Apprentice! Great one, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the reminder that these days go by fast and one day I will miss them. I need to play more and laugh more and enjoy my girls while they are so little!


Love the new banner! I forgot you all were so close to Gatlinburg! We'd love to see you if we do in fact make it up there! I will for sure let you know! That would be fun! Yes, Paige is loving Ansley's dresses if you couldn't tell :) They are getting plenty of use and fit her perfectly! Thank you again!


LOVE THE NEW BANNER!! I don't remember how I did mine, but I would love to redo it.


The new banner is and eye opener!! I wanted to comment so you would know that I noticed!

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