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Palmino is beautiful. I do think she is grand in size. If John doesn't like her touching the ceiling he can always trim her back a little. But good for you...and how long she'll 'thrive', I'm saying at least until Ansley's birthday! (Unless there is a move in b/t then maybe shorter - moves are hard on Palmino-type species).


Okay so I just finished going through all your updated photo albums. Laughed out loud about your cow encounter. I miss Hawaii after seeing all your pictures and I too have a picture with a comment about the cool 'hanging upside down' flowers. You are much more adventurous then I will ever be. A 20 mile bike ride - didn't you already talk about a hike. Whew! Did you sit and relax at all or literally walk/bike/climb the entire island? Vacation in my dictionary clearly states 'no sweating allowed'! HA!

And I've been thinking a bit more about Palmino - what gal doesn't like to be trimmed down? I mean, I know I would love if someone could just easily come 'prune' me a bit :)


I think Palmino will do great and I even have a better idea. Maybe you could buy more Palmino's and plant them out back to create a tropical oasis. Bring in a little sand....... :) I'm sure John will think it's just as great of an idea as I do. ha ha


oh my gosh- that really is so funny. I'm only laughing (with you of course) b/c I have nothing close to a 'green thumb', and seem to kill everything I ever try to grow simply by looking at it- let alone touching it! I give you credit- that is quite plant/tree you have there!! John's reaction reminds me of someone else I know who would react much the same way! :) Good luck! Oh, and seriously, a 20 mile bike ride? I'm with Ashley on this one- Vacation = NO sweating at all! :))

Sara Bouman

You are hilarious. I actually thought when I read the first part and saw the first pic, "Oh my, I'm surprised John didn't trim that." Ha-ha. =) So I LOL when I saw the second part. I do love Palmino though - and very pretty fronds indeed.


I think Palmino is beautiful(maybe should be called Palmgreato--too large for -ino) but I think she would be beautiful here with my very tall ceiling. Her life would probably be longer at your house, though. I have a little tornado that even destroys artificial palms!! I can just picture little Griffin climbing the tallest branch and looking down at unsuspecting victims. He is up to 6 lbs now so he will have more weight when climbing those fronds!! Did you look up palm trees to see what conditions they like? Good luck, little tree!!


Ha! too funny... well, I will guess that she will make it until October! Optimistic? Well, that is unless a little boy takes to the pot and tries to tip it over. No, wait, that's what would happen at our house. I don't know, hmmm... how how are the lowest fronds ;)


I Love it!!! I think that you need to go into that room and tell Palmino that she is beautiful and looks just like all her brothers and sisters in Hawaii.

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