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Wow- that is SO moving Megan. You've brought me to tears. Winner or not by CK 'standards', I hope you know that book is a winner hands down (but I seriously can't believe it didn't win)!!! I LOVE the idea of his shirt holding it all together- that is so unique and so special. What a loving and moving tribute to your dad and to the special relationship he had with Ansley. I'm sure she will be thanking you over and over again through the years for that! Of course we scrapbook for us and our family, but I know what you mean, it wouldn't hurt if just once maybe someone else would recognize the effort (and emotion) put forth, right!? :) I'm so impressed you were able to even put that album together just yet. I can only imagine how emotional it was for you- like you said. It really is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)


I think you are SO talented...I am amazed at your scrapbooking pages, books, and the fine attention to journaling. I am in love with a new (to me) magazine called Scrapbooking Trends. I LOVE their pages and each magazine that have a showcase gallery. I think you should submit there. I know that CK is the "premier" magazine and I guess the first in the industry, but I think that there must be some inside circle there. PS. Heard there may be a small possibility of you guys maybe heading back this way? Would love to have you back!!!

Mark Jansen

I'm so sorry the world series didn't work out, but I'm so happy to see you share your favorite part. Sorry it's taken me awhile - I've been away from my blogging this past week. Thanks so much for sharing!

Ashley Jansen

That was me, not Mark...sorry I'm on his computer!

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