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I've enjoyed reading about your day! One thing I forgot to mention - holy cow, your kids sleep late!!! :) Little bit jealous here! (just trying to give you something to be thankful for!) LOL!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks, Candace! Yes, my kids have always been good (and late) sleepers. I am definitely fortunate, because I am not a morning person! :)


It would be interesting to go back 30 years and see what my day was like back then! I know I wouldn't have loaded the dishwasher (we didn't have one until Douglasville) but I did take you and Jonathan for a long walk almost every day. I enjoyed the quiet time and fresh air. I don't even remember what time bedtime was--I think 8 PM but I do remember being able to put you both to bed at 7 one time because Jonathan thought it was 8. What we won't do to grasp at sanity!


Oh my gosh! I love it! Laughed until I about cried. I had a similar evening and morning today. Makes me glad I have work to distract me. :)


I'm just impressed that you actually had the time to keep up a "Day in the Life of..." I couldn't do that yet! And, WOW on the late sleepers. We get up at 6 AM around here; even on the weekends. Hoping that will change as our kiddos get older. Crossing my fingers, anyway! Can totally relate to the fickle toddler syndrome, too!


It's good to know that we're not the only house that can be full of laughter one minute and tears the next. Thanks for sharing the smiles in your day with all of us and being honest about all the tears too...How's Christian's sore in his mouth today?

MEGAN RESPONDS: Christian's mouth hasn't been any better, but the pediatrician thinks it's canker sores (over the phone diagnosis). He is still very grumpy, and they look terrible, but I guess we'll wait and see. Thanks for asking!


Okay... what'd I miss? Who is Kate? Is this a song that I missed?

Love hearing the conclusion to your day! Needed a little laugh tonight ;)

MEGAN RESPONDS: Sorry, Christina, you didn't miss anything. It's a reference to Jon and Kate Plus 8 (they have 8 kids), but if you don't watch that then it definitely wouldn't make any sense. :)


This is inspiring. You and John are wonderful parents - Mark and I have always respected the two of you in that role. We have learned a lot from y'all. Hope you figure out what the sore is in C's mouth. Have I told you lately that I miss you? b/c I do A LOT!!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Awwwww, thanks. :) Miss you, too!!

Julie Sanders


I am a friend of Desta's (mom to Bria and Alyssa)and just checked out your site. I am also a teacher (though not right now because I am home with the kids) and wanted to give you another possible idea about the mouth sore if it persits. Hand, Foot, and Mouth commonly causes these kind of sores, and may not present itself in other areas (hands & feet), though there may be rash or little tiny pimple-looking things. This is often accompanied by a fever and very cranky disposition, but not always. I'm sure the doctor thought of this when you called, but if things continue it is something to think about. I think it is one of those things that just has to run its course, but it is HIGHLY contagious (kids weren't allowed to return to school until all sores were gone), so you would want to be careful about Christian and Ansley sharing any food and drink or toys that have been in Christian's mouth.

I hope he gets to feeling better!

P.S. Love the Jon and Kate reference! That seems to be the motto for our life as well.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks for stopping by, Julie! And I appreciate the concern about Christian's mouth. We did discuss this possibility, but I haven't seen a rash yet, so we'll see. Thanks again!

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