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Megan... I may have to copy this blog idea! The only thing you omitted was how you recorded each activity -- I mean, I could never have remembered the times or activities 10 minutes from their happenings. Please share ;)
Okay... so I have tears in my eyes from this post from laughing so hard. It is reassuring to hear the happenings of others in their days are not unlike mine. I am impressed that you at least manage to shower and dress before going downstairs for breakfast!! Maybe my days would go better if I started them that way...

Oh... and SOOO relate to absurdly grumpy teether ;)


oh... just checking out your 366... so sad about Avery, I know it must be hard for him and you, especially you -- taking care of him all this time. Poor thing.

just had to comment on the book fair too -- We have borrowed "Diary of a Worm" from the library a few times. I think it is hilarious. The first time I took it out, Alex kept calling it "Diarrhea worm" and -- that was a word he knew, unlike Diary. He couldn't quite figure it out. Made me laugh, so I thought I'd share :)


Ooh, Megan, I have read these before and may have to try it too. But you are a much funnier writer than I am. :) I loved reading about your day...did you carry a notepad around or a laptop? Just curious, I wouldn't be able to remember more than oh, one of those at a time.

And love the bird watching! We have common grackles too! :)


Thanks, Christina and Candace! I would encourage you both to do it on your blogs. I had so much fun doing it! I carried around a small notebook to record what we were doing during the day. So much so that Ansley said once "Mom, what ARE you writing?!" :)


Whew, I'm tired. I think I'm going to take a nap...

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