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I picked you out right away! Too funny! I love your neighbor girls name :)) We've yet to run into another Paige, my Paige's age, which has surprised me so far! I didn't think it was that uncommon when we named her that!? So, will Ansley start this fall 'officially' with school and the accompanying work? Is TN's cutoff date later than the typical Sept. 1st for those turning 5?? I was a bit confused how she was starting, if she is, being that she won't turn 5 till after the 1st? Maybe it's different if you're homeschooling? Either way- I'm with you- can't believe she's turning 5, which always means that after she does, then not too far away it's Paige's turn! Yikes!! How did that happen??!


Too Cute. By the way, can you set up your 360 project to show the latest picture first?


never mind..... I see the quick link now.


I forgot to tell you -- the date on the back of the picture says May 1986 (thanks to my mom!) -- is that right? Must've been right before you moved? Funny, I have no idea who Lisa is, but I recognize Amy from church (between us). And thanks for clarifying about me not being that old. :)

MEGAN RESPONDS: Wow, I would have never guessed 1986! But if your Mom wrote it there, then I would assume it's accurate! :) I can't believe I'm 11 in that photo,then - I really thought I looked about 7 or 8!


I LOVE THIS! Man, the costumes back then were so horrible. My mom has pictures of me in my costumes throughout the house. It's pitiful.

MEGAN RESPONDS: What? Horrible costumes? Are you sure we're looking at the same photo? ;)


I think I see a little bit of ansley in you!


I picked you out right away b/c it looks like Ansley could be in that photo! Wow!!! And, love the title. I was a tapper myself for 6 years. Fun times. ;)

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