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Great post! I'm laughing out loud- especially at the last one! Amen to that! I had no idea you used to clog! Wow! Totally didn't know that. I did though know about the bugs, tea and song lyrics- pretty good hey?! :) For as much as you like tea, I dislike it equally as much. I swear it's a southern thing that I just can't get into. But I'm right there with you on the bugs! Ewwwwww!


I can't clog BUT I can tap dance. I started taking adult tap classes in 2002 and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! I even performed on stage, at 3 different recitals, in front of as many as 750 people!


I don't know how many people know that I have a sister that blames me for her phobias and makes up stories about me throwing spiders at her. Anybody that knows me knows how nice and sweet I am and that I would never do such a thing.

PS - I didn't know about your fitness desire. Maybe you could start by mowing your yard while carrying Christian in a harness over your shoulder. :)


This is so funny. I did know most of those things and feel very privileged to have seen you clog, if only for a few seconds! =)


Oh Megan, laughing outloud here too. You forgot to mention that you have a knack for writing. :) I am not a clogger, sorry to disappoint. But I do want to be healthy as well...but can't seem to do so for the same reasons you mentioned! Though I think I have a longer way to getting there than you do as well. HA! :) Thanks for the laugh today!!



Great entry. You had me rolling.... by the way, #4 - Go REO Speedwagon!! ;0)


Too funny! I have an unnatural fear of bugs, too. Unfortunately for Scott, Ella Beth seems to have acquired it, too. He keeps telling her, "It's ok. It's not going to hurt you." I look at her and say, "Honey, just scream right along with your Mama!"


I actually knew most of those things except the fitness guru. I'm wondering how you can do that without sweating which I KNOW is something you do not like. Also, your Aunt Nancy is also wild about teas. I don't think I know anyone who has a better selection in her pantry! I'm not crazy about bugs, either, but I learned when I was teaching that it is better to at least pretend that you don't mind them. If you share with children that you are afraid, they will be merciless. (That must be why your brother was such--you let him know) It is too late, however, since Ansley knows. Maybe she will not tell Christian!


Well, I did learn a lot. I'm not a clogger but did a ton of ballet and tap as a kid. Does that count? Knew about the bugs and the tea. What self respecting southerner doesn't like tea? Remember when we used to be the "sweet tea group" that had all the tea lovers in it?? Well, to an extent we still are - tea lovers that is. And we try to ingrain that into all of our unsuspecting friends that think tea is something that should come without sugar. :)


I love that I have seen just a slight glimpse of you clogging out on the driveway in TN. I grew up tapping most of my life and miss it so much. I've tried getting into a class, but they are for 14 and under or 50 and over. Oh well...

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