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Megan, I am laughing because just one week ago Hannah was really wishing she could be on Derek's shoulders on the way down - with Lydia in the front carrier. I'm so glad you got to go see Laurel Falls - it is beautiful and worth the hike. :) Great photos as always and fun for me to see after we just went. Making me think I'll have to take the plunge on this blog thing so that my family and friends can actually see my photos that seem to just disappear inside our computer.


Ooh, Megan, we have hiked Laurel Falls once with all the kids! It IS beautiful!! We loved it! We actually pushed a stroller, lol! I'm glad ya'll have a good time! I love the pictures!


That really looks like fun!! I'm glad you all had a good time. John and Christian look so cute together and Ansley looks so cute--like a little hiker. (I guess I left you out--you look very cute, too, Megan!!) These are really good pictures--it makes me feel almost like I'm right there!


laughing out loud!!! Love this post -- felt like I was there with you - great writing :)


Those baby backpacks are wonderful for Daddy's! I think they are SO heavy and wow, do they make you tired. Only used one once and that was enough for me. But give John kudos for the effort of carrying them both. What a guy!


I have been enjoying the latest posts. You are such a great writer.It makes me want to start my own blog sometimes...but much like your battle with exercise I think I will just read my friends : ). I love all of the adventures you have with your family. It is reassuring to know that there are good Christian families out there that enjoy spending time with one another!
PS I LOVE Ansley's hair. I just got Reece's in ponytails!


Were y'all this adventurous when you lived in Georgia, because I don't remember it if you were. I mean seriously there were pretty places to hike in Georgia and I don't remember ever doing it. But hey - you are more daring then me - to carry my baby on my back and go up and down mountains and hop streams - whew!! I think I'm going to drink some of DP just thinking about how tired I would be. But good for y'all...beautiful picks and love Ansley's hair!!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Hmm, probably not. I would say it's because Ansley loves getting outside/nature so much, that's what encourages us to do it. But it IS fun! :)

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