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I love this post, only because I can relate so very much. Kaitlyn is so much like that. She gets sad sometimes, and says "Mommy - what's wrong with them? Can't they hear me?" I encourage her all the time and tell her I love how friendly she is because I don't ever want her to lose that part of her personality. It's so precious!


Well, we know who she gets that from, right? Think of all the people she makes happy with her chatter, and if there are some people that are not affected by it, it is their loss. I think it is delightful and I'm always happy to be walking next to a friendly, happy greeter!


So fun!! And those pictures are quite fun too. I love swing pictures!! And, those people that don't talk to her are the same people that don't hold the door for moms pushing strollers, that honk when you slow down at a yellow light, or that are voting for Hillary/Obama craziness! (Sorry to be political!)


Ah! I love this! I have to tell you that I was this very way. My Mom always said I never knew a stranger - it didn't matter to me what color, age or gender - I talked to them. It has never steered me wrong as a teen or adult either, I'll add. I've had my share of "talking too much" moments, but overall I think I'm a happy person for all the personal connections I make with people on a daily basis. I love that Ansley is different from you, too... isn't that what it's all about? You teaching them when really they're teaching you. :)


Megan, I love this entry too. Though, as you know, my girls are so SHY. They don't speak back...not because they don't want to, but because of their shy-ness. I can see a glimpse of how you feel as a mother, because I, too, feel like I try and make excuses for them and am not just letting them be themselves. I struggle with this. I want them to be respectful and answer back. I want them to speak when spoken to. But they don't always. They have to really, really get to know someone first. I don't like it, but I'm trying to accept it. I have also been known to hope they will grow out of it...but maybe that is wrong too. I should be content with who God has made them to be. Oh, and I do have one a little more like Ansley...Caleb is our family talker, clown and ham. He talks and talks about the cutest things.


Hey Megan... finally catching up on your blog... I feel like I've been missing out on your life this week! This entry really touched me. Made me think. You are so honest, and it is so true... Alex too, is quick to talk to any and everyone around. It is amazing that as children they perceive all people the same -- missing age, gender, non verbal cues. I am constantly pulling him away and whispering to him to come along and hush... because I am not always comfortable with the conversations he tries to start... because it is a stretch for me to want to engage with these unfriendly people in the way that he does. But, from now on I will try to embrace this side of Alex that has always baffled me. Thank you for opening my eyes :)


Megan, thanks for sharing this precious letter to Ansley. I need to be reminded to let my daughters be who God has made them to be. They are very different from each other and very like me in some ways and not like me in others. Thanks for the reminder to try to understand them and enjoy who God is growing them into instead of trying to change what doesn't need to be changed.


Diddo to Candace's comment! I equally am constantly making excuses to strangers for how shy and quiet Paige is, and why she rarely responds back when anyone asks her anything, even with people she knows. I've always said I don't want her to grow up being as painfully shy as I have always been, but maybe that's wrong. Like you said, I need to accept that is how God made me, and how He's made her too so far, and that's okay! I turned out just fine I think :)

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