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I will miss Avery. He was such a good dog and I have many happy memories with him in the picture. Like Ansley said, he wasn't just a dog, he was part of our family and we will miss him greatly.


I'm crying as I read this sweet tribute to your 'first boy'. I know from experience, unfortunately, how incredibly hard it is to be there in the room when your pet, your family member, is put down right in front of you, and 'hard' or 'difficult' just don't come close to explain as you said. I am so sorry for your loss. Though I've lost cats before and had to put them down (equally as hard for a cat lover as myself), we've yet to lose a dog that's been part of the family for so long as Avery was, since Gracie is our first dog ever and is only not quite 4 years old. I can't imagine that day when it will inevitably come however. I do remember your sweet Avery, and his love for shoes! I remember more than once searching for mine upon leaving your house! :) He was a very sweet dog and just a good boy! Very Sweet, and I'm sure bittersweet, pictures of you all with him yesterday. I can't help but think that your Dad is taking very good care of him now!


Oh, Megan... I feel for your family right now. My heart is aching, my eyes are filled with tears. I know the last few months with Avery led you to know this moment was coming. But you are right, you are never prepared for the time it actually happens. I am glad that you all thought to take pictures with him before taking him in. You will be so glad that you did, and will treasure that you got to remember saying your goodbyes. It will be hard for a time, your house will echo with quietness. But the years of memories are sweet, and will slowly replace the sadness over time. Our love to you and your family during this difficult time.


Megan, I cried reading this because we also have a 13 year old buddy Jonah who has had some tough times lately. You will treasure these pictures and goodbyes. I will be praying for your family as you miss Avery. Renee


Mark and I are so sad and know this will be hard - we'll be praying for your transition as a family. It will be strange to visit and not smell his farts amongst our late-night chats :) He was such a good dog.


I am crying too! We remember Avery as well, and he was such a sweet dog. I know a piece of your family feels missing.


Missy and I were very sad to hear the news. He was such a sweet dog. We will miss him a lot.


I told Tim this too and we are both so sorry to hear this. We will miss seeing Avery when we visit. I'm sorry Megan.


AW - I remember Avery. What a sweet pup he was when you were here. I remember Laura really enjoyed playing with him and he always wanted pet and loved on. That is so sad for you all. We just lost one of ours too and I understand how hard that is.

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