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Is he the Karate Kid?

MEGAN RESPONDS: This made me laugh. Thanks for the guess, Gina!


He's just kicked a ball, right? So sorry for your loss Megan. Dogs are so special!!!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Wow, Liz, you are way too quick! I thought it would at least take a few guesses - but you are right after only one guess! :)


Kicking a ball would be too easy (altho that is what it looks like) so he must be doing some kind of dance for your entertainment. Right?

MEGAN RESPONDS: I would love to see John do some kind of dance for us, Mimi, but I have never witnessed that with my own eyes.


I think he's playing an air guitar solo!

Jill Elya

Looks like the Karate Kid kick to me.


Wow- Christian looks like such a big boy in that picture sitting in the chair with his juice box :) What a little man! And did you do some editing to the picture of Ansley?? It almost looks like an oil painting! If not, then that lighting is incredible! I'm thinking instead of a new pool this summer, a slip n' slide might have to be in the works! That looks like so much fun, and it's been ages since I've played on one- but of course I'd be getting it for the kids :) Oh, and I haven't a clue what John is doing???!!!!

MEGAN RESPONDS: I edit all my photos - it's an addictive, very time consuming habit! The lighting was good there, but it's also probably a bit of editing. :)


I have no idea what he is doing, however I do think he looks VERY flexible. The claw of a hand looks a little freaky.


So, what do I win? Ha ha ha! It was fun just to guess of COURSE. And, who doesn't like being correct :)

MEGAN RESPONDS: How's this: YAY LIZ!! The thrill of being right is always prize enough, right? :) I really was impressed you got it right so fast though!


It looks as though John is trying out for the Kicker position for the Atlanta Falcons! Love the pictures. I can tell that y'all were living it up for the rest of the weekend! It's about time to break out our water toys here for Mommy and Daddy...I mean for Ella Beth and Landon. ;)


Saw this late, but was guessing a drop kick - hopefully of a ball and not the kids. lol

Love that look on Christian's face. Like the slip and slide is really a weird thing to him! And I can see why you were worried about Ansley liking it! She's so upset with it! (tee hee hee)

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