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We had fun seeing you all this weekend. John - thanks again for the awesome cabinets and counter top you put in for us. It looks amazing!! Talk to you soon.


Did Christian get a haircut? He looks like such a little boy in the first picture and my first instinct was a possible haircut. So glad y'all had such a good time.

Megan answers: He hasn't had a haircut recently, probably about a month ago. I guess he's just looking more grown up! :)


Thank you for my birthday message! It was very cute and made me smile!! Thank you for all the gifts. I'm enjoying all the pictures and treasure the book so much.


Hi Megan. So glad you had a fun weekend with your mom, Jonathan, and Missy. Can you tell I'm catching up on my comments - I actually see you in person and I get behind on reading your blog. ;) I meant to ask you who you used to make your book about your Dad. After talking to you about turning blog entries into a scrapbook, I'm considering giving it a try. ???

Megan answers: Thanks for all the comments, Renee! I used for my book, and I think they did a great job. Let me know your blog address once it's up! :)


Was that a real turtle? A wild one? It is so cute!


Thanks Megan for the info. I think that being able to put blog entries in a book may be what pushes me to give it a try. That and the fact that my mom would be thrilled!

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